W.I.T. Mentor Q&A with Kim Cournoyer from Oshean

Is there a specific reason you chose to be a WIT mentor?
I think it is very important to support women in their career goals, to share experience and perspective and to listen to the challenges and celebrate the successes. It is a great feeling to provide support , friendship and to watch the mentee grow.

How often did you meet with your mentee?
We would meet typically one or two times per month. We would meet individually and then attend events together.

What skills did you work with your mentee on? Goal setting, looking outside the role for opportunities to grow in the company, what to discuss during an annual review, resume and interview skills.

Would you consider the mentoring program a positive experience? Absolutely, I wish I had a mentor when I was new in my career.

Any thing additional you would like to share from your experience? As a mentor, I grow so much from this relationship, it is very fulfilling and I learn a lot from my mentees.

–Thank you Kim for your authentic feedback! If you would like to be part of the Women in Tech mentorship program as a mentor or mentee, contact W.I.T. Program Manager, Amanda Roman at amanda.roman@tech-collective.org