(Virtual Learning, Engagement,

and Achievement Platform)

The Experience

Students, in grades 9-12, participating in this free experience will be a part of a community working with teachers, faculty, mentors, and peers in a meaningful, virtual educational summer experience. We will be teaching the curriculum in Microsoft’s AltspaceVR. Each section will be in a separate room. Each room will have a teacher, an assistant, and often a volunteer Virtual Reality monitor. Programming will be designed and delivered--via Schoology and in AltSpaceVR--by content experts from URI and high school teachers trained through CS4RI. Courses will have the support and mentoring of Rhode Island College students majoring in computer science.

Potential Benefits

  • AltspaceVR Virtual Reality Platform 
  • Badges and micro-credentials 
  • Gamified learning experiences and challenges 
  • Alignment with district learning and Common Core
  • Different tracks based on interest and competence 
  • Multiple access points for students 
  • Capture the Flag events 
  • Culminating experience and student awards 

Learning Opportunities


vLEAP--the virtual learning, engagement, and achievement platform – will provide two learning pathways; one for students new to computer science and a second for students with some experience. 

  • Code.org’s CS Discoveries – for students new to computer science. During morning sessions, students will work on learning JavaScript.  Instruction will be tailored to the groups' needs and may include whole group, small groups and individual sessions.  Depending on student work, they may be able to complete an interactive card or a basic game.  Afternoon sessions will allow for continued work on JavaScript, but we will also explore different applications of computer skills.  We will introduce HTML, CSS, digital drawing using Tinkercad and other online programs that are available to students.    Student’s attending this program will meet Tuesday through Thursday from 9:30 to 2:00 with a one-and-a-half-hour lunch break to attend the Innovation Café! 
  • Artificial Intelligence Lab – is a comprehensive summer program to engage in computer science, data, and machine learning. Students will learn how to code in Scratch and Python before learning the basics of machine learning. For more details see this week by week breakdown. Student’s attending this program will meet Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 3:30 with a one-and-a-half-hour lunch break to attend the Innovation Café! 

Innovation Café 

During lunch breaks, students can visit our Innovation Café to work with our partners to explore supplemental enrichment STEAM content with industry professionals each day (like NASA, PASA, DefCON401, and RIVR). Rhode Island College computer science students and industry virtual reality mentors will be on-hand to work with students.