(Virtual Learning, Engagement,

and Achievement Platform)

The Experience

Rising 9th grade students at E-3 Academy can participate in this free experience and will be a part of a community working with teachers, faculty, mentors, and peers in a meaningful, virtual educational summer experience.

vLEAP Computer Science Discoveries is an introductory course for incoming 9th grade students at E-Cubed Academy. Mapped to CSTA standards, the course takes a wide lens on computer science by covering topics such as problem solving, programming, physical computing, user-centered design, and data, while inspiring students as they build their own websites, apps, games, and physical computing devices.

vLEAP’s summer 2021 programming will engage students through the utilization of gamification, competition, prizes, and digital badging and will support students in acquiring critical skills and competencies aligned with CCSS math/NGSS and RI CS standards. Students participating in this experience will be a part of a community working with teachers, faculty, mentors, and peers in a meaningful, educational summer experience. Students will engage in person and in a virtual reality environment (AltSpaceVR).

Potential Benefits

  • AltspaceVR Virtual Reality Platform 
  • Badges and micro-credentials 
  • Gamified learning experiences and challenges 
  • Hands-on activities
  • Alignment with district learning and Common
  • Different tracks based on interest and competence 
  • Multiple access points for students 
  • Capture the Flag events 
  • Culminating experience and student awards

Learning Opportunities


vLEAP--the virtual learning, engagement, and achievement platform – will provide summer pathways for incoming freshmen at E-Cubed Academy.

The summer programming will be based on Code.org’s CS Discoveries six modules. CS Discoveries is an introductory computer science course that empowers students to create authentic artifacts and engage with computer science as a medium for creativity, communication, problem solving, and fun.

English Language Learners will receive support from Rhode Island College students enrolled in the Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages & Bilingual Education program.

We will additionally provide “hands on, pop-up” learning opportunities for all students based on the CS Discoveries modules to minimize screen and lecture time.

Innovation Café 

During lunch breaks, students can visit our virtual Innovation Café to work with our partners to explore supplemental enrichment STEAM content with industry professionals each day (like NASA, PASA, DefCON401, and RIVR). Rhode Island College computer science students and industry virtual reality mentors will be on-hand to work with students.