5 Question Presenter Interview: Telephone Systems, End-of-Life Notifications & What to Do Next

The presentation “Telephone Systems, End-of-Life Notifications & What to Do Next” is in partnership with Vertikal 6. We interviewed the presenters: Bill Mitchell and Nicole Courtemanche for reasons why you should register to this event.

Why are you passionate about this topic?

There will be many well-known manufacturer brands that will be “end of life” within the next five years. This presentation will review how to determine one’s risk after the investment of implementing a telecom system and learning it’s now end of life.

 Why should I attend this session?

Any commercial business owner or nonprofit organization that has invested in a comprehensive telecom system.

Who will benefit the most from this session?

The same businesses or nonprofit organizations that have learned they own a telecom system that has been identified as end of life.

What is your favorite Microsoft tool?

Teams- We use it with our remote teams.

What do you do to stay motivated?

We are motivated on the job because we are passionate about what we do here at CPDI. Dog walks, cat antics, and hiking also help on the weekends.

Why are you involved at the Tech Collective?

We are partners with Vertikal6. This is our second webinar. The first was a pleasant experience as well.

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