2020 Tech10 Awards

Tech10 Winners

Congratulations to this year's 2020 Tech10, Next Generation, and Lifetime Achievement winners. Not only have these people done great things in the workplace, but have also left a great impression in their community.

What are the Tech10 Awards?

The 2020 Tech10 Awards recognize the individuals and companies driving innovation and growth across Rhode Island’s technology ecosystem. These are the innovators,  the software developers, engineers, technicians, tech leaders and the ones inspiring the next tech generation. The ones with the vision and leadership to bring leading technologies into common place use. Our annual Tech10 Awards celebrate 10 individuals who are making an impact in the Rhode Island technology community.

Established in 2011, Tech10 is the opportunity for Rhode Island’s business and technology community to nominate its exceptional champions: employees, colleagues, clients, and partners. All are fostering Rhode Island’s technology innovation, passion, and success. The Tech10 Awards are presented in partnership with Rhode Island Monthly. As Rhode Island’s tech industry continues to grow economically and culturally, Rhode Island Monthly is shining the spotlight on our Tech10 recipients for all Rhode Islanders to see.


The Tech10 Awards are awarded to 10 individuals who are having a positive impact in the Rhode Island technical community. From introducing innovative technologies into the workplace to building data-driven cultures to constantly up-leveling tech credentials, these are the individuals who are committed to transformation, self-development and community engagement.

Do you know a technology professional who has made a significant impact within the technology field? For example…

Have they improved their customers’ user experience?

Found a way to automate a manual task?

Reduce the development time or cost of a product or service?

Used technology to add a new revenue stream for their company?

Done a great job of making technology to their non-technical associates?

Developed a new app, security protocol, or data visualization that helps management make better decisions?

Technology is about connecting people, empowering business, and creating change in a global world. The Tech10 Awards celebrate those who have both a strong technical ability and make a significant impact. Our awardees are found in all levels of an organization, from practitioners to CIOs.

What is the Next Tech Generation Award?
The Next Tech Generation Award, presented by Cox Business, recognizes those that are new to the industry and are already leading the next generation of innovators and pioneering forward thinking in technology.  Individuals will be honored along side our 2020 Tech10 recipients at the award ceremony. 

Benefits of Awards

Tech10 and Next Tech Generation honorees will be featured in the November 2020 issue of Rhode Island Monthly magazine and social media channels.

  • Tech10 and Next Tech Generation recipients will be recognized at an awards celebration in November 2020. 
  • Tech10 recipients receive a framed RI Monthly magazine cover to display at your location.
  • Logo of award for social media promotion.
  • Featured in Tech Collective press releases and social media promotion 
  • Valuable networking ability at award celebration.
  • Increased value of brand recognition in the tech industry.
  • Positive influence on employees retention/recruiting and company's morale.
  • Being a part of Tech10 Alumni of recognized Tech leaders.
  • Awesome bragging rights and to confirm that you are doing amazing work in the tech community!

Join us in celebrating our tech leaders with this great honor!

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