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2019 Tech10 Nomination Information

Application deadline is Wednesday, August 14th.

The Tech10 Awards honors and recognizes tech professionals that help sustain and grow a healthy tech eco-system in the state of Rhode Island.  The direct results of their efforts has significant impact to RI economy and drives innovation through tech improvement, resiliency, management, opportunities or growth.  Candidates could include: 

  • Application Development
  • Project Management
  • Agile Coach or Professional
  • Data Visualization
  • UX/UI
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Help Desk
  • Emerging Tech
  • Mentorships or Education
  • Up and coming Tech10 potential*

Basically, anyone is a potential candidate if they are an innovator, a.k.a. a geek, that inspires the next tech generation. Tech10 Awards is about celebrating ones with the vision and leadership to bring leading technologies into common place use.  

In addition to Tech10 Award, Cox Business will be awarding the Next Tech Generation recognizing up and coming innovators to the industry.  

Nomination and Application Information

• If submitting Nominations, please allow enough time for Nominee to complete Application by Wednesday, August 14, 2019.

• Once a Nomination Form is submitted, program manager: Amanda Roman (aroman@tech-collective), will send the application to the Nominee.

• Tech Collective will make known the person/entity which has nominated or entered Nominee for consideration.

• Award submissions will be reviewed and honorees selected by an independent panel of industry judges.

Applications for the Tech10 Awards and Next Tech Generation will be received via one of three ways outlined below:

1. Individuals may be nominated by a third party (i.e. co-workers, vendors, service providers, clients, or other industry peers). Upon receipt of the completed Nominated Form included below, Tech Collective will contact the Nominee to personally complete and submit the Application Form.

2. Individuals may personally complete and submit the Application Form to enter themselves or their company for consideration.

3. Individuals may be entered for Tech10 consideration by a third party (i.e. coworkers, vendors, service providers, clients, or other industry peers). The third party may complete and submit the Application Form on behalf on the Nominee. Upon receipt of the completed Application Form, Tech Collective will contact the Nominee to inform them of their Tech10 consideration.

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Application Form

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