Tech Collective Expands Demand-Driven Workforce Development Programming

Providence, R.I. – Wednesday, April 10, 2019 – Tech Collective, Rhode Island’s foremost Information Technology Association, has launched several new initiatives and programs over the last few months to accelerate its commitment to providing demand-driven workforce development for the technology workforce. In addition to continuing to offer its staple programs, such as Women in Technology programming, software development, customer service training, and K-12 STEAM education, the Tech Collective has introduced new core offerings, with each new endeavor sprung from direct feedback from the Tech Collective member and partner community.

“We actively choose to partner with our state’s technology leaders to make sure we are creating trainings, seminars and educational opportunities that directly speak to the needs, interests and areas of focus of our technology workforce,” says Tim Hebert, Chairman of the Board of Directors. “By co-creating the curriculum and networking opportunities with our community, we ensure that we are creating demand-driven workforce development that provides the hard and soft skills training that the technology workforce wants most.”

Over the past few years, the Tech Collective has added several new initiatives to its umbrella of offerings including:

  • CIO Forum, which creates space for CIOs to convene, learn, expand their network and advance information technology thinking within the state
  • Agile RI, born from member interest in bringing together practitioners who wish to nurture this cooperative approach to software development
  • Leadership Challenge Workshops, designed to equip technology leaders with soft skillset training to compete more aggressively

What’s more, the Tech Collective has grown the impact of its training and development programs by expanding its number of events from nine in 2017 to more than 75 that will be delivered in 2019. Through its demand-driven workforce development, the Tech Collective’s programming has reached more than 100 businesses and approximately 1,500 current and future Rhode Islander workers.

“The Tech Collective’s goal is to be Rhode Island’s ‘Technical Authority,’ the go-to community hub that serves the needs of the tech marketplace,” says Interim Executive Director and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Joe Devine. “We have taken a number of steps toward that goal, from expanding our programming, to welcoming a new and diverse Board of Directors, to spinning up technical steering committees to guide our decisions. Each critical step forward allows us to understand the technical workforce at greater depth.”

In the coming months, the Tech Collective will continue to expand the reach of its demand-driven workforce development with the launch of its cybersecurity, ITIL training and certification, project management, data analytics/visualization, and Diversity & Inclusion program.

To learn more about any of the Tech Collective programs, click here.