Safety Settings to Secure Your Email Communications


5 Questions for Kim and Doug of OSHEAN 

The presentation “Safety Settings to Secure Your Email Communications” is in partnership with OSHEAN. We interview the presenters: Doug Alexander, Manager, Member Services Advocacy, and Kim Cournoyer, Information Security Engineer at OSHEAN for reasons why you should register to this event. 

Why are you passionate about this topic? 

Doug: The Internet is an increasingly unsafe space for those who don’t know how to protect themselves, and I worry a lot about the under-resourced orgs out there who need help with cybersecurity. Those of us with knowledge and experience are obligated to share and educate and support the community in these efforts, and it makes me feel good knowing that I can help keep users and data safe. 

Kim: Cyber Security is important for everyone to understand and apply steps to safeguard their information. After this presentation, people can add additional features at no expense to help protect their email. 

Why should I attend this session? 

DougLots of things in cybersecurity cost money and take a LOT of time, but this is not one of those. Configuring a domain with a high level of email security costs nothing, takes only a little time every day/week, and decreases any org’s risk of being hacked. It’s basically an IT life hack and I think everyone should be aware of it, and all IT people should know how to do it. 

Kim: Anyone that is interested in learning about Email security and safety should attend. 

Who will benefit the most from this session? 

DougAnyone who owns a domain and manages an email environment, which is most businesses! Obviously the IT people who know their way around DNS will get the most out of it, but even those who manage such folks can learn how much protection they have or don’t have with our simple checks, and then pass that info along to those who can fix it. They can then keep checking their security until it’s configured and dialed up to the max with the online tools we’re demonstrating. 

Kim: Anyone who uses email for their business. 

What is your favorite Microsoft tool? 

DougI’ve never been a huge MS partisan, but I will say that I’ve been using OneNote extensively since I joined OSHEAN and I really couldn’t live without it. 

Kim: Microsoft Teams provides collaboration on projects, chatting with co-workers, file storage and phone access. 

Why are you involved at the Tech Collective? 

DougI’ve been a RISTE Board member for a few years as well, helping to support the Ed Tech community in our state. In the same way, now that I’m an OSHEAN employee I feel very connected to and passionate about supporting the small business and non-profit community in RI. I love the Tech Collective’s mission and can’t wait to meet more of their members! 

KimTech Collective is a wonderful group of people who provide trainings, opportunities for networking and mentor programs. This organization provides a wealth of information and services to the Rhode Island IT community. 

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