Labtop Loaner


Our new COVID-19 stay-at-home guidelines from state and national leaders has put new pressures on businesses large and small. Small businesses have ben hit especially hard as most had not previously engaged in telecommuting. They often lack the infrastructure to support the new work from home environment, from collaboration tools to working laptops.

To help reduce the financial burden that Rhode Island’s small business are facing, the Tech Collective has established a laptop loaner program. Tech Collective members have donated laptops which are cleaned and prepared by one of our member technology companies for reuse.

These laptops are available to non-profits and small businesses with under 10 employees while the stay-at-home guidelines remain in place. If your small business needs a laptop to get through COVID-19 please contact to arrange a needs assessment.

Although we recognize the need for laptops among individuals and families during this difficult time, unfortunately, we are not able to scale this program to support those additional needs.

If you are a Tech Collective member or another business that has laptops available to loan or donate please contact to arrange a pick up.