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60% of SMBs are forced to suspend operations after a cyber attack and never reopen for business. The lost revenue due to downtime, the cash spent attempting to remediate the breach and the reputational damage can range between $80,000 for clean up to hundreds of thousands in lost revenue.  Your business doesn’t have to be a victim.

Cyber risk continues to increase worldwide at an alarming rate, and threats are evolving faster than our ability to respond.  While the reality of cyber risk is undeniable, we can reduce it.  Constant vigilance and a coordinated effort across the global community are necessary to successfully defend against and ultimately eradicated cyber risk. Tech Collective have teamed up with Global Cyber Alliance  (GCA) and XYZ to bring you the Rhode to Resilience Small Business Cybersecurity Series.

The Small Business Cybersecurity Series is based on the GCA Cybersecurity Toolkit for Small Business which addresses the most common cyber risks affecting small businesses who conduct any aspect of their business via email or over the internet. The structure and content of the toolkit enables small businesses to precisely target and resolve common weaknesses so they can focus more time and resources on their core business objectives. 

The program matches your small business with a cybersecurity professional who will guide you through six best cyber hygiene practices contained within the toolkit which include; taking an inventory, applying security updates, utilising strong passwords and two-factor authentication, protecting against phishing and malware, backing up data, protecting email and brand reputation.

Research has shown that implementing these steps across a business can significantly reduce the cyber risk they face.

Alongside the tools, and accessible from the toolkit, is a self-paced series of seven simple mini courses, each lasting approximately 10 minutes to enhance understanding of these risks - and the potential impact from a business perspective.

Participation in the program is free for Tech Collective and Business Chamber Members. For more information and to book your place on the program contact our Rhode to Resilience Team at R2RCyber@tech-collective.org


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