P-Tech Mentor Experience

P-Tech Mentor Program Overview

The P-Tech (Pathways in Technology Early College High School) pairs Rhode Island technology/business professionals with Providence high school students in a Mentor-Mentee relationship. This program creates incredible opportunity for students while also supplying a steady stream of trained employees for local organizations. 

Students enrolled in P-TECH take college-level courses while in high school and graduate high school with a diploma and potentially an Associates Degree in Computer Science from CCRI. During the school year, we pair students with a Mentor who can help them understand the world of work, improve their business communication skills, explore technology,  and cultivate a strong relationship with a local professional. 

Through these partnerships, our mentees are more likely to: Through these partnerships, our mentees:

Stay focused and be present in school, more determined to achieve their goals! 

  • Realize that someone cares about them, that they matter and that they can have a brighter future! 
  • Understand the connection between what they learn in the classroom and the real world. 
  • Improve their ability to communicate with adults. 

The Mentor Experience

  • The Mentor program runs from November to June
  • Each new mentor will have a single mentee
  • Mentors are expected to connect with their mentees at least 3 times per month ideally once per week (all virtual during COVID) 
  • Mentors will be supported like never before in the P-Tech program:
    • Training on the Chronus platform in September 
    • Mentor training in October Resource Guides
    • Conversation Starters
  • Mentees biggest need is for guidance with workforce skills needed in a professional environment:
    • Communication skills, goal setting, collaboration, presentation skills

To apply to be a Mentor today, please fill out the form below! 

For more information on the P-TECH mentor program: Creusa Michelazzo, Director of Strategic Partnerships creusa.michelazzo@tech-collective.org 

P Tech Industry Professional Mentor Application