P-TECH Students Visit Brown University’s 3D YURT

On Wednesday, January 31st, Tech Collective and Brown University hosted Providence P-TECH computer science students as part of the on-going effort to expose students to the high tech workplace.

The Center for Computation & Visualization at Brown allowed P-TECH students to enter the world of 3D technology by showcasing their interactive YURT environment. P-TECH students are fast tracked toward a computer science degree and regularly visit organizations who focus on the use of technology in their business.

Students had the opportunity to virtually stand within portions of the universe mapped using data collected by NASA.  The NASA data project is being managed by Kim Kowal Arcand who is a NASA scientist and a board member of Tech Collective.

Additional P-TECH student trips to Brown’s YURT will occur in the upcoming weeks.

Tech Collective is the central industry representative to the P-TECH high tech program. Providence P-TECH is designed to accelerate students through high school and college so that they can be trained and ready for employment in the high tech sector.

In a P-TECH 9-14 school, students earn a high school diploma, an industry- recognized associate degree in Computer Science, and gain relevant work experience in a growing eld.

For more information on P-TECH, contact Kris Turgeon, kris.turgeon@tech-collective.org or click here.