Open Source Security Tool: Partnership with key Professionals in the Field  

Program Track: SMB Rhode to Resilience – Cybersecurity

Tech Collective understands the power of collective collaboration. Together with our Cybersecurity Steering Committee and input from a focus group of industry partners, we have created an “Open Source Security Tool” training series to support the Rhode Island tech ecosystem. We will be hosting a monthly Open Source Security Tools training event taught by industry leaders from the RI cyber security community.

Many companies use open source security tools because they are widely available and typically low or no cost. However, these tools aren’t supported by extensive documentation and training resources.  From our research,  it was quickly apparent that this would be a great topic to collaborate within the technology ecosystem.

We polled our members about the open source security tools they use, would like some training with, and which tools they could teach. In October, Patrick Laverty from DefCon 401, will deliver his well-received training session on the Burpe Suite. Future trainings are scheduled for John the Ripper, Cain and Able, Miter Att&ck, Wireshark, Inteltechniques and more. For more information, please contact Program Manager, Creusa Michelazzo at or at 401-521-7805 ext. 110.  If you would like to attend this free training, please register here.