Membership Spotlight

Keno Mullings

Chief Executive Officer, Institute for Educational Leadership

Why did you join the Tech Collective?
“Over the past year, Tech Collective has supported IEL by inviting our students and staff to events and trainings, and by sharing our training dates with their network. It was a natural progression for us to return the favor by putting our efforts behind Tech Collective’s mission and vision. Tech Collective’s programs reinforce our efforts to diversify the tech economy. We believe TC’s mission is aligned with our community’s needs and the possibilities that lie ahead.”

How have the events, trainings and the greater Tech Collective community positively impacted you and your organization?
“TC’s events and programs have provided enriching opportunities for our students. The Women in Tech program has partnered several of our students with mentors with whom they have forged relationships, received inspiration and gained useful strategies and tactics to facilitate their transition into tech.  We think this program has been the most impactful as it gives an underrepresented demographic access to their peers who have are where they would like to be. “