Member Spotlight: BankNewport

John Sullivan,  EVP- Director of Digital and Technology Strategy

Why did you join the Tech Collective?
There are two reasons we (BankNewport) ultimately joined the Tech Collective – a great social network and excellent training.  The Tech Collective provides a unique opportunity to connect with other Rhode Island-based technology leaders to discuss (and ideally address) topics that present what are often universal challenges (staffing, cyber risk, business intelligence/analytics, etc.).

The Tech Collective forums bring together peers who understand the uniqueness, and potential, of a wonderful state like Rhode Island – with the intent of capitalizing on, ideally optimizing, everything the state has to offer.

The training provided by the Tech Collective provides exceptional value on a wide variety of pertinent topics.  Training is a win-win for the employees as a confidence builder and organizations benefit from the training immediately.

How have the events, trainings and the greater Tech Collective community positively impacted you and your organization?
BankNewport has participated in a number of discussion/workshops which have been not only educational, but for an IT professional, therapeutic.

Members of our team took part in Project Management training that was not only a well-received and well-structured, but a fraction of the cost of what it would have been had we not gone through the Tech Collective.  The Bank reaped the reward of the training when the employees returned to the office-and they were energized and eager to put what they learned to use.  We had a similar results from having participated in a workshop on cyber risk.

BankNewport is a big advocate for the Tech Collective to the point that we were a proud sponsor of Women in Tech event – Financial Literacy & Your Leadership Journey.