Meet Our New Intern: Destiny Manston

We have just added a new member to our team-Destiny Manston. She is an upcoming senior at Classical High School who will be helping us expand and manage our digital presence. She hopes to achieve experience with being on a team in a professional environment and to develop her portfolio.

She joined us through PrepareRI, which is a new program aiming to introduce approaching high school seniors to the working world to better prepare themselves for college, and beyond, with an idea in mind on what they want for their future. After being accepted into the program, she went through a week-long boot camp where she learned her five greatest strengths (input, developer, individualization, connectedness, relator), and how to apply them in the workplace, with relationships, and during an interview.

Throughout the week she also heard from a panel of speakers ranging from Rhode Island Foundation president and chief executive officer; Neil Steinberg, to the Executive Vice President Chief Human Resources Officer at Hasbro; Dolph Johnson, she learned her rights as a worker, and what it means to network.

In her free time, Destiny often takes the bus to different parts of Rhode Island to admire the scenery. When hanging out with friends she always brings a deck of cards to pass the time or to fuel her need for competition. When stuck at home she will lounge with her cat Cheyenne, while watching her favorite YouTube personalities or scouring the internet for anything involving Shrek or Danny DeVito. She aspires have a future where she can be creative with computers while still being able to move around and help people.

By the end of her seven week internship with us, she hopes to leave with a grasp on Photoshop, WordPress, content calendars, social media data trackers, and the experience of being part of an interactive professional team. She will leave the internship with firsthand experience in a computer based job that might put her on a path to her future.