Five Questions With Tim Hebert

Tim Hebert is the chairperson of Tech Collective’s board of directors. 

Tim Hebert is the chief client officer of Carousel Industries, a technology solutions management firm based in Exeter. Carousel will hold its annual AlwaysOn Leadership Symposium on Thursday, May 18. Hebert spoke with Providence Business News about the symposium’s evolution and the role of leadership in the tech industry.

PBN: This will mark the seventh year of Carousel’s AlwaysOn Leadership Symposium. How has the focus of this event changed over the years you’ve been involved?

HEBERT: At the inaugural AlwaysOn Leadership Symposium, we focused on the intersection of technology, leadership and business. We believed that the confluence of these three powerful forces were drastically changing the world in which we live, work and play. Our first two symposiums strongly emphasized technology and targeted technology leaders. But something funny happened along the way; those technology leaders were bringing nontechnical leaders from their businesses. So, our symposium has evolved to focus more on leadership and business. This year’s theme is “Resilience,” and how to build resiliency into our organizations, professional lives and personal lives.

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