Five Questions With: Tim Hebert

Tech Collective board member Tim Hebert announced a more-refined mission for the group of businesses, nonprofits, entrepreneurs and others recently. It’s dropping its bioscience focus and looking at growing the information technology workforce as a way to make a significant impact on the state’s economy. Hebert, Carousel Industries’ chief client officer and founder and CEO of Trilix, told PBN about the education and diversity pieces of the plan.

PBN: You’ve said that the goal is to have Tech Collective be a resource, a hub for IT in the state. What would this entail?

HEBERT: One of the things we are looking at is working with Computer Science for Rhode Island, to bring computer science programming skills into every grade, K-12. As time goes on, students will be exposed to IT, learning to solve problems, becoming aware, thinking of it as a career option after high school. With computer science work, they will be moving in that direction. All organizations [with similar goals as Tech Collective] want business professionals to come in and talk to students, offer mentorships, information on jobs in the IT industry, and may create job-shadow programs.

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