SMB Cyber Security Series: The Myths & Realities of Cyberliability Insurance


Tech Collective

188 Valley Street, Providence, RI 02909

Providence, RI, US, 02909

Businesses are struggling with evaluating insurance for cyber related losses. The insurance is new and complicated and many organizations don’t know what to ask their broker about coverage and to make sure they are covered for losses that apply to their industry.

The speakers will inform the audience about recent cybersecurity incidents that have not been covered by insurance, when companies thought they had purchased “cyberliablity” insurance. They will discuss the intricacies of cyberliability insurance coverage, common exclusions, exclusions that many insureds are unaware of that are included in policies, and how you can evaluate your coverage for rapidly changing laws, regulations and sophisticated attacks. The panel will also outline how cyberliablity insurance works when there is a loss and provide tips based upon their vast experience in this area.

This is not a sales pitch; Robinson & Cole, LLP and Marsh & McLenna Agency LLC, in collaboration with Tech Collective, will lead a robust Q&A session to help you walk out with actions to secure your business.

Presented by: Linn F. Freedman, CIPP/US Chair Data Privacy & Cybersecurity Team

Cindy Lepore, CLCS, CGS Cybersecurity and Intelligence National Cyber Center of Excellence Co-Chair

This seminar is located in the Trilix Training Room at Tech Collective.