How to Build a Cybersecurity Program for Small to Medium Sized Businesses


Tech Collective

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Building a Cybersecurity Program for Small to Medium Sized Businesses to Protect Digital Assets and Information

Sponsored by OSHEAN

The University of Massachusetts, in partnership with Tech Collective, have developed a two-hour seminar that focuses on designing, building and maintaining a cybersecurity program. This seminar will address basic capabilities that small to mid-size businesses can take to minimize the risk of a security incident to their key computer systems and critical information assets.

Outline of the seminar:

First, we will provide an overview of digital transformation and how the innovation economy impacts businesses of all sizes.  Digital transformation has become a top initiative for business and IT leaders.  What should businesses do to ensure they are not left behind in the new digital world?

Next, we will discuss how cybersecurity impacts the new digital economy.  Why it’s important for businesses of all sizes to have a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy and an effective cybersecurity program to ensure they will be successful in their digital transformation initiatives.

We will then discuss three key technical areas that organizations need to be address for an effective cybersecurity program: Business Applications and Information: How to identify your key business applications, understand how applications work, and how to mitigate cyber risks to critical business applications and information resources.  Computer Networks: How to identify your key computer networks, understand how networks work, and how to mitigate cyber risks to computer networks.  Computer Systems and Endpoints: How to identify your key computer systems and endpoints, understand how systems and endpoints work, and how to mitigate cyber risks to computer systems.

Finally, we will discuss key management and workforce requirements that organizations need to address to build, maintain and manage an effective cybersecurity program.  Why it’s important for organizations to have the right workforce skills and abilities to effectively manage cybersecurity risks to their computer systems and information assets.


The speaker, Larry Wilson, has won several  industry awards:

  • Security Magazine’s Most Influential People in Security, 2016
  • ISACA New England Chapter Award, 2016
  • SANS People Who Made a Difference in Cybersecurity Award, 2013
  • Information Security Executive (ISE) nominee for Executive of the Year for North America, 2013
  • Information Security Executive (ISE) North America Project Award Winner for the Academic and Public-Sector Category, 2013


Sponsored by OSHEAN