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Exposing Uncomfortable Topics: Errors and Omissions with Scaling

September 15 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm EDT

Bad scaling is one of the biggest ‘agile problems’ of modern days for companies.

[Virtual Event]

Bad scaling is one of the biggest ‘agile problems’ of modern days for companies.

Bad scaling is one of the three (the other two are : “agile tools” mania and falling a victim to big consultancies’ industrial model [see/play Dave Snowen’s view here: most expensive mistakes companies make, when they set themselves on a wrong ‘agile course’.

Bad scaling is one of the three corners of “Trippe Taxation” triangle:

Bad scaling comes in the form of trivializing agility at is core, weakening agile roles, plagiarizing and relabeling someone else’s experiments and calling them ‘operating models’, copy-pasting Scrum and Scrum roles into Fractal Geometry that look great on paper.

Are there better ways to work?

Probably not, if the ultimate goal is to relabel existing enterprise complexity with fancy agile terminology and then call it “enterprise scaling”.

But there could be better ways to work if an ultimate goal is to simplify existing complexity (de-scale), and by doing so, improve your chances to scale agile ways of working (e.g. do Scrum, by more than one team, working for the same Product Owner, on the same product, out of the same backlog).

In this session, Gene will expose some classic pitfalls of bad scaling and will recommend how, more good things could be done with less stuff, how things could be done better, using Large Scale Scrum (LeSS).

Calling out classic organizational pitfalls and omissions with regards to scaling

• Industry problems that support and fuel bad scaling

• Alternatives to the above

This should be an eye opener for many. People will be taken out of their comfort zone but then put back into it.

People will, most likely, will start seeing things that are going to be difficult to ‘unsee’ again.

About the Presenter:

Gene Gendel Certified Enterprise & Team Coach (CEC-CTC), Certified LeSS Trainer (CLT)

Some Important additional Details:

Our Exposing Uncomfortable Topics: Errors and Omissions with Scaling is taking place on Microsoft Teams . If you have never logged into a Microsoft Teams before, be sure to give yourself time beforehand to download Teams.

The link for the event will be sent out before the event. If you have not received the; please email us at info@tech-collective.org so we can send it to you again.

Please plan on arriving at about 6:00 pm as we will start promptly at Event time!

The Exposing Uncomfortable Topics: Errors and Omissions with Scaling will run until 8:00 pm, with ample time for Q&A

Cameras on! Please plan on turning your camera on so we can all connect as we learn.

If you would like to contribute to our programming by hosting a session, please email agilerhodeisland@gmail.com

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