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Blockchain: What is it?

June 30 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am EDT

Blockchain: What is it? Why is it relevant? How does it work?

Blockchain is a “digital ledger” that has revolutionized how transactions of all kinds are recorded and tracked. Blockchain is, technically speaking, “digital, distributed, and decentralized.” Digital because it’s electronic-only, distributed because it is stored on devices around the world, and decentralized because additions or “blocks” are added and tracked collectively. The absence of a single, responsible entity for this ledger is Blockchain’s primary strength.

Blockchain became famous in association with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but in fact Blockchain is an independent technology with many other potential applications. Essentially, anywhere something needs to be reliably tracked, Blockchain can be used – retail, voting, supply chains, real estate, taxes, medical records, and many more. At this event we’ll be demystifying Blockchain by talking more about what it is, how and why it came to be, and at a very high level how it works.

Join us in person at District Hall Providence.


Keno Mullings is a highly effective tech entrepreneur who connects people, software and strategy to create solutions of value. Keno is the Founder and CEO of The Mullings Group, a software development and technology consulting firm. Through his firm, Keno leads a team of global experts to deliver best-in-class custom software solutions. Keno has made it his life’s mission to develop and teach solutions that build wealth with a passion to end poverty through entrepreneurship. As the Founder of the Institute of Entrepreneurship & Leadership (IEL), he fulfills this mission by developing a nation of entrepreneur-leaders who through commerce, usher solutions that meet the needs of others.

Keno has been happily married for over 20 years and is the father of three wonderful children. The startup guy, a teacher, author, software engineer and lifelong entrepreneur, he is constantly teaching and encouraging people to discover their purpose, define their life’s goals and create the businesses they were designed to start. Keno is the author of “The Time Management Handbook” and the developer of the “Strategic Life Plan System” and the “Bootstrap Bootcamp” entrepreneurship training program.


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