5 Questions with “Your Kinda Genius”: Your Kinda Genius Program Overview: Prepare to Revolutionize Your Workplace

Your Kinda Genius answers for Tech Collective Blog (2 pages) 


The presentation “Your Kinda Genius Program Overview: Prepare to Revolutionize Your Workplace” is an introduction to the following three events in this series (Listening: An Underrated SuperpowerResiliency: The Core of Your Success, and Clarity: Map an Unpredictable Future ). We interviewed the presenters Linda Pritcher & Christine Higgins (the principal consultants at Your Kinda Genius) to let them speak on why you should attend these classes. 


Why are you passionate about this topic? 

Were passionate about connecting people to their genius because theyre burned out, tired, stressed, and constantly running at full speed to keep up with the pace of business, and we know theres an easier way. People can come up with brilliant ideas, successfully collaborate, and produce better results when theyre connected to their own genius.  

Why should I attend these sessions? 

Youll get to know how your genius operates. That way you can work in the zone” more often and feel less pressured and get more done. These are some of the things youll learn: 

  • How to tap your listening super power 
  • Streamline your collaboration & communication 
  • Discover the critical component of listening 
  • How to get everyone on the same page 
  • How to thrive no matter the circumstances 
  • Leverage past obstacles without hitting repeat 
  • How to overcome challenges without the drag 
  • Learn to bounce back better 
  • Making invisible opportunities visible 
  • How to create a more dynamic roadmap 
  • Flip the script on your problems 
  • How to regain your power when facing the unknown 

Who will benefit the most from these sessions? 

Really, anybody at any level. Innate genius is fundamental to human performance and understanding it has the potential to be game changing.  

What do you do to stay motivated? 

You might be surprised, but we donactually do anything to stay motivated. When a person understands genius then they see that motivation is built into the human design. Its always present and just one thought away from being experienced.  

Why are you involved at the Tech Collective? 

We love Tech Collectives mission and its in perfect alignment with what we do: Our goal is to revolutionize the way people work in the creation/innovation space. We train people to leverage their genius so they can innovate effortlessly and repeatedly produce brilliant results. 

Bonus: What makes Your Kinda Genius special? 

While others find value in the complex and convoluted, we find direct and repeatable win the day. Once you learn to work the genius way, the method is yours to keep. You wont need updated procedural documents, online training modules, or us, to remind you how.

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