5 Questions with Kaydi McQuade: Leveraging Company Culture to Improve Retention

5 Questions with Kaydi McQuade- Blog Post 

We interviewed our presenter of the upcoming event “Leveraging Company Culture to Improve Retention” and here is what she had to say about why you should register.  

Kaydi McQuade has built a career as an educator and an entrepreneur. She uses that experience to build training programs to solve the “people problems” that keep leaders up at night. When she is not consulting with small businesses, she can be found outside with her family and dogs. 

Why are you passionate about this topic?   

Productive hiring, improved employee experience, and increased retention are keys to helping businesses to thrive!  Your company already has a culture.  Focusing on articulating and amplifying your culture can help with all of these critical needs!  

Losing a trained, skilled employee cost between 30- 150% of their annual salary in productivity loss, staffing costs, and damage to team morale.  Employers can encourage good people to stay by focusing on improving their company culture.  

Why should I attend this session?   

Business owners and leaders who:   

  • Have not taken time recently to hone their communications about culture.  
  • Have had employees resign.  
  • Have teams that are disengaged 
  • Would like to improve their company’s productivity.   

Who will benefit the most from this session 

Morale, productivity and loyalty all tend to improve in organizations that focus on culture improvements, which lead to increased productivity and business growth.  

 What is your favorite Microsoft tool?    

I am not particularly passionate about any of them, they are just the means to the ends.  

What do you do to stay motivated 

I regularly revisit my medium and long- term goals so I can be sure that the steps I am taking now move me closer to that future.  

Bonus QuestionWhy are you involved at the Tech Collective?   

I volunteered with PTech and generally support the mission of increasing access to tech and tech career- paths in the Ocean State.  By teaching this workshop, I hope to help business leaders to focus on the human side of things, to make these careers even more appealing, and to make their businesses even more successful.  

 Click here to register to this event or view our event page to see what else we have to offer.