5 Question Presenter Interview: “The Leadership Edge” with Jim Schiel

We interviewed the presenter James Schiel as to reasons why you should register to: “The Leadership Edge – Leadership Skills That Can Change Your Life and Your World. 

Why are you passionate about this topic?
There is so much potential in the world for passionate, engaged, motivated people doing amazing, innovative work for other people. However, that potential can't be fully realized until leaders understand why the world is different and how leadership skills also have to change. My goal is to release that potential.

Why should I attend this session?

Over the years, I've taught managers and Scrum Masters up-to-date leadership skills. They ALWAYS come back to me and tell me how much just a single new skill has made a positive different for them and the teams and people they lead.
Who will benefit the most from this session?
Any manager or leader who wants to get the most out of their employees and teams, who wants to learn and improve their lives and their careers - not by commanding, not by forcing - but by empowering, engaging, motivating, coaching, teaching, and supporting.

What do you do to stay motivated?

My motivational keys (attend The Leadership Edge for more information about motivational keys) are 1) teaching, 2) learning, and 3) building (a web site, an application, a business, etc.). I stay motivated by doing what I love - building a business that allows me to teach, coach, and create applications supporting teams.

Bonus Question: Why are you involved at the Tech Collective?

Tech Collective brings together the people I enjoy teaching. My involvement with Tech Collective allows me to reach more of the right people, influencing how they work, how they lead, allowing me to achieve my mission of impacting thousands of people every year to improve how the world works.
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