5 Question Presenter Interview: “Customer Service Training” with Sean Trainor

We interviewed the presenter Sean Trainor as to reasons why you should register to: “Customer Service Training.”

Why are you passionate about this topic?
Good service is paramount to the customer’s “moment of truth”. Customers will often pay a premium for excellent service and, in a similar fashion, will often cease doing business with a firm in response to poor service. The lifetime value of a customer represents a consistent revenue stream and trying to replace a lost customer is much more expensive than keeping a customer.

Why should I attend this session?
To learn how creating a customer service culture that addresses the root cause of a customer’s dissatisfaction as opposed to a triage center enables companies to create competitive advantages. Also, this training empowers service professionals to make better decisions that engender a positive customer experience.

Who will benefit the most from this session?
All employees should attend these sessions; even “backroom” employees who do not deal “face to face” with customers often create or maintain systems (ex. IT) that have a direct impact on the customer experience. In order to create a culture of service, all employees must be engaged in understanding and empathizing with the customer experience.

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