5 Question Presenter Interview: “Comp TIA Network +” and “CompTIA Security +” with Kathleen Malin

We interviewed the presenter Kathleen Malin as to reasons why you should register to: “Comp TIA Network +” and “CompTIA Security +. 

Why are you passionate about this topic?
Both CompTIA Networking + and Security + are perfect certifications for someone starting a career in technology. I’ve been teaching technology certification classes for over 15 years. I really enjoy helping students discover how much they already know about a subject and see them gain confidence in their abilities. I still remember taking my certification tests so I like to share my tips for success. These certification classes are are great way to prepare for the tests and begin or advance a career in IT. It’s also an opportunity to for IT folks to network with their peers. I love mentoring and connecting people and making sure they have fun too!

Why should I attend this session?

What participants can expect to gain: CompTIA Network+ Certification Training is the perfect companion certification to A+ or Security+. This certification is useful when starting an entry level or intermediate position in technology. You will learn the basics of networks including physical setups and protocols. Topics include understanding TCP/IP in wired and wireless environments. Knowing how data travels in your network and the cloud is essential for efficiency and security in today’s environments. Taking this training shows companies that you are prepared with the knowledge needed to securely monitor and manage networks. What participants can expect to gain: CompTIA Security+ Certification Training is a great step toward an entry level or intermediate level cybersecurity or IT career. With Security+ you will learn to recognize and improve security concerns. Topics include physically securing a network and its devices and protecting systems from external and internal threats. You will learn the best way to install and secure applications and understand policies and techniques used to mitigate risk. Completing this training and certification lets employers know that you are prepared with the essential skills needed to recognize and address security threats and prepared with the tools to control access and secure vulnerable systems.

Who will benefit the most from this session?

Someone just starting out who wants a career in tech and someone who has been in the field for awhile but does not have these certifications would both benefit from these classes. Networking + is the perfect companion to A+ and a great way to have your resume stand out. Security + is a terrific way to start down the path toward an in demand career in cybersecurity. Certifications let employers know you want to advance in a field that requires a commitment to life long learning. This is always something new to figure out and these certifications will help you train for those challenges.

What do you do to stay motivated?

My staff, mentees, and students keep me motivated. And I have a relentless curiosity about technology. It motivates me to learn as much as I can and to share what I learn too. I have been so lucky to have an amazing career in IT and want everyone who is interested to have the same opportunities.
Bonus Question: Why are you involved at the Tech Collective?
I have been part of the Tech Collective since 2012. I’m proud of the great work they do, and I’m honored to be training for the organization. I truly believe in their mission to connect people in technology in our state and I’ve seen the success that connection can bring. I am currently part of the CIO Forum and I learn amazing things from my peers at every meeting. I’ve had amazing mentees through the Women In Technology program also. I have benefitted tremendously being part of this group and many of my staff have too.

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