Computer whiz and Running Start student uses intuition to stop would-be hackers

Community College of Rhode Island: January 6, 2020

To stop a hacker, one must think like a hacker, so anytime Wyatt Polasek enters an online competition or tackles a request to the Rogers High School Help Desk, he tries to enter the deep, dark mind of a cybercriminal.

“You have to know exactly what they’re doing and what their next move is,” said the 17-year-old Rogers’ senior and Running Start student at the Community College of Rhode Island.

“It’s like chess. You have to be a couple of moves ahead of them at all times.”

Polasek’s quick thinking and resourceful problem-solving has put him on the fast track to a career in cybersecurity. Thanks to CCRI’s Running Start program, he is getting a leg up on his peers by attending classes at the college’s Newport County Campus as a high school senior. continue reading…>