Month: April 2018

Five Questions With: Tim Hebert

Tech Collective board member Tim Hebert announced a more-refined mission for the group of businesses, nonprofits, entrepreneurs and others recently. It’s dropping its bioscience focus and looking at growing the information technology workforce as a way to make a significant impact on the state’s economy. Hebert, Carousel Industries’ chief client officer and founder and CEO […]

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Five Questions With: Deb Ricci

Providence College graduate Deb Ricci has been Carousel Industries’ business-readiness champion for over a year now, in the information technology field overall for 45 years. One of her core responsibilities is ensuring team members are prepared for change. She is a member of Tech Collective’s Women in Tech committee.  PBN: In your position at Carousel, […]

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Tech Collective narrows focus to IT sector, workforce needs

TIM HEBERT told PBN that the Tech Collective is shifting its focus exclusively to the IT sector. Hebert is Carousel Industries Inc.’s chief client officer, and founder and CEO of Trilix. He is also a Tech Collective board member. PROVIDENCE —Tech Collective, a group of businesses, nonprofits, entrepreneurs and others, with a mission of strengthening […]

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