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Agile is a software development method in which requirements and solutions evolve through a collaborative effort of self-organizing cross-functional teams and their end-users. The Agile RI group was launched with the intent of nurturing this collaborative development approach throughout Rhode Island.

The Agile RI group meets monthly. Join us for an opportunity to learn more about Agile, discuss practical applications of this method, and to give and receive coaching on your Agile journey.

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Upcoming Events

Agile RI: CI Demystified
Join us for the next Agile RI meeting on Tuesday, ...
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Agile RI: Scrum 101
Join us for the next Agile RI meetup on Tuesday, ...
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Agile RI: Seven Lessons Learned from Leading Agile Transformations
Join us for theĀ  next Agile RI meetup hosted by ...
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